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  1. How often do you receive massage and why?
  • Out of all the things I can do to relax and fight stress, ease the pain issues I have, and mentally re-focus and re-charge, massage is at the top of the list. Sixteen years ago I had a physical therapist recommended massage after I had been going to doctors repeatedly to deal with back problems. I didn't have a lot of money, but I worked in a 90 minute massage about every two weeks. Since then, I've tried to schedule a massage no less than once a month. When I receive massages frequently, the muscles are more likely to stay relaxed, the pain is less acute, my emotions stay more even, and my life is less stressful.  Even with my high-pressure job that has me working upwards of 18 hours a day at times, the regular massages provide an essential aid that allows me to just chill and focus on me for a couple hours.  My favorite time is the time I walk into a long massage-it's like all your worries wash away for a bit! #No Time for Relaxation
  • I started receiving massage once a week to help my body recover after a car accident. The massages lessen my pain, improve my mood, helps me get back to physical activites and keeps my stress level down at work. The more often I have the massages, the better I feel on a consistent basis. #Car Accident Recvery
  • I have been exercising regularly and doing yoga daily for years.  I started with occasional chair and full body massages.  These were helpful but due to the sporadic nature of the massages my body was not always in sync.  The addition of regular therapeutic massages have enhanced my physical and mental health as well as providing an overall sense of wellbeing. I currently have a 75 minute full body therapeutic massage every three to four weeks. In situations where I have to go for more than a month between massages, my body lets me know!  My body has a much easier time relaxing when I maintain my regular massage schedule.  I feel less mental stress and much more at ease which helps me cope with the day in and day out stresses of my job. Regular massage also allow me to enjoy my physically active life. #Jeff

  • I started regular (monthly) massages several years ago to help ease aches and pains from running, cycling, part time construction work, and advancing years.  I had not had much prior experience with massage, just a session here and there after a particularly hard activity.  Now, I feel like something is really missing if I don't make my regular session, particularly noticeable in my ability to relax and in my physical problem areas.  Massage on a regular basis with the same therapist also helps develop an important relationship which results in more effective treatment, in my opinion.  It's a part of my healthy living plan that I don't feel I can do without. #Pat

  • I used to view a massage as an extravagance, a treat! After several years of treating myself to an occasional massage, I made the decision to get monthly treatments. These treatments alter my mood, leaving me feeling so relaxed, yet invigorated, kind of like the euphoric feeling following a Zumba class! #NoSweat

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