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Are you looking for a massage therapist that will treat you as an individual and work to alleviate your pain and stress? Take 5 Massage promises to meet the 5 expectations that I founded this company on. If these choices are what you are looking for in an Overland Park, Kansas massage therapist, please contact me for a free consultation!

1. Individualized: Each client has different goals for their massage and your goals are my goals. That is why I customize your massage for YOU, not just on the first visit but each time you receive a massage. Your body is always changing and so are your massage needs. We will figure that out together so you can reduce pain and stress and enjoy your life more! If you are a "newbie" and don't know what your body needs, we will figure that out too!

2. Affordable The 2 main "excuses" people use for putting off getting a massage is: they can't afford it or they don't have enough time! I will work with you on both. I have many options to help you "afford" massage. The more you buy, the cheaper it can be, so let me help you find that out. I am not a discount massage place, but a high quality massage studio that rewards those who reward themselves. And take my massage challenge and schedule 3 massages in a month's time and see if you won't find the time after that to work massage into your schedule!  

3. Convenient: Clients love my easy to use online scheduling allowing them to schedule 24/7. If you are a new client, you must be approved first and give me your information to enter into the online scheduling system before first use. Also convenient are morning, afternoon, evening and weekend hours to suit everyone's schedule!

4. Quality:  It is important that all my clients receive a top quality massage so I really listen to what you say and what massage work you want done. You will feel like you are the only client of the day and I will never work on you when I am sick, injured or too tired! You pay a lot of money for massage and you want it to be the best! So do I! 

5. Guaranteed: I want you to feel secure that you will receive a quality, professional massage so I offer a free consultation before you buy. If you do decide to schedule a massage with me and are not happy within the first 5 minutes of your massage, you may leave without any further obligation. 



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